Hello, My name is Mitsutoshi locating at San Diego. This blog is opened to share my techniques and interests acquired in my academic carrier over 10 years in various universities and research institutes. My previous research project involves many fields such as Quantum computer, sensor network, micro 3D printer, etc. So, the topics shown here can be categorized to electrical, mechanical, and/or computer engineering.  As I believe my knowledge is a result of the grace of everyone in Japan and U.S., I hope this blog can be useful for someone, especially who need solutions and who really love technologies.

The one thing I would like to mention here is that you already have the great resource for research: Internet. Please keep digging the internet to reach real information. So you can start research regardless of your age, location, degree, and occupation. Enjoy!

Mitsutoshi Makihata, Ph.D.

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