I am electro-mechanical researcher / device system engineer.

What am I made of? At my core are two characteristics, curiosity and enthusiasm for creation. I hold a bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degree in computer science, applied physics and mechanics, respectively, from three universities. This is a result of my enthusiasm for creation and desire for innovative knowledge. One of my very first projects, I developed an operating system when I was an undergrad, teaching me that real innovation may need hardware level advances in technology. So, I moved to the department of physics to study quantum computing. I succeed in the detection of single-electron tunneling, but the impact on society seemed minimal, and I realized I wanted my work to have a greater impact on society. This drove me to pursue a Ph.D. in MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems) technology to realize safe human-computer interaction by developing an artificial skin for a robotics. Since then, I have been working as a researcher of micromachining and sensor network technology.

Since receiving a Ph.D. in 2011, I have been working as a professional researcher on any project that I believe can have a real benefit to people and society (Projects). Currently, my skills and knowledge are still expanding broader and deeper at a faster pace than ever before (Skills). Looking back at my journey in computers, sensor electronics and mechanics, My life’s calling is making something beneficial to people, combining three disciplines as compute (brain), sensors (nerves), and actuators (muscle) analogous to the brilliance of the human body and I am eager to be an expert at the intersection of these three technologies to achieve something truly extraordinary.

Following page have a lot of pictures so that you could catch my background and imagine how I could be benefitial for you. You can also download a resume from here. If interested, please contact to me at the bottom of this page! (Contact)


Realtime ECG analyzer with PicoScope

Realtime Heart rate visualization for DIY biofeedback system (2020)

High-throughput microfluidic printer

Using membrame type PDMS template to improve a speed of permeation-based printing. (2019)

MEMS-based non-contact voltage sensor

Multi-resonance oscillator to overcome soft-hard spring effect.(2019)

Portable Geiger counter

Random generator based on radio active decay of Americium (2018)

Plasma synthesizer

5kV spark sound generator whose sound can be tuned by PWM signal. (2018)

Six channel phased pulse generator

Pulser for ultrasonic phased array experiments. (2017)

Flexible UWB antenna

Flexible and "potentially" stretchable antenna for low-cost tumor detection. (2017)

Mirowave Doppler heart beat detection

Non contact heart beat detection using Doppler radar. (2017)

high power flash

DIY Xenon flash lamp for flash sintering of Ag ink. Intensity is 300mJ/cm^2. (2016)

1D Ray tracer

Ray tracer with Monte-carlo simulation to evaluate optical property of nano composite polymer film. (2016)

Noise machine for Autistic kids

Portable noise machine for autistic kids to relief a hyper-responsive to ambient noise. (2016)

Ocean pollusion sensing

Optical particle detector in the water for oil leak detection using backscattering of light. (2015)

Energy saving film

All printable electrochromic device using nano-crystal tungsten trioxide (c-WO3). (2015)

Remote pipeline repairing

Showed the novel repairing technology using self-reactive micro particle to repair cracks. (2013)

Tactile sensor network system

Nerve-mimicking serial bus network for scalability (2013)

MEMS-CMOS integrated tactile sensor

Pressure sensor with internal intelligence.(2011)

Carbon nanotube quantum dot on 2DEG

Quantum tunneling of single electron is detected by ultra sensitive quantum sensor integrated near the carbon nanotube quantum dot (2008)

Measurement Automation for Quantum physics

Labview software to automate measurement of coulomb oscillation.(2006)

Homebrew operating system

DIY OS for Intel 486 CPU with original file system, works in 16 and 32 bit mode.(2005)


System design & Prototyping

Hardware, software and firmware

Lathe to Focuced Ion Beam

Sensor System

  • Wearable device (Lithium battery management, Low power design (few mW), Bluetooth Low Energy), Serial networked tactile sensor.
  • Design and Development of electro-mechanical test system for MEMS device composed of mechanical actuator (motor and pneumatic), firmwares (FPGA, microcontroller), data transmission (GPIB, RS232C and USB) and original software (C, C# and LabVIEW).


  • Analog circuit (voltage and current amplifier using op-amps, power supply, impedance conversion and matching, high voltage (~5kV), and high frequency (RF,GHz)).
  • Digital circuit (FPGA (Altera), Microprosessor(Atmel and Cypress), digital interfaces, LCD display, and logic circuits (TTL)).


  • Mechanical design of mechanical parts (vacuum chuck for Wafer, linear guide, etc) and Machining skill (drill, lathe, mill, sander, welder, and laser cutter).

Computer aided engineering

20+ years experience

Computer-Physics interface

  • Analog to Digital interface (I2C and UART with Microcontroller and FPGA) and Digital to Computer interface (GPIB, RS232C and USB)
  • Measurement automation (GPIB network with self-made software), high speed data aquipsion (50MSps by FPGA), and signal processing (Frequency domain, Statistics, peak detection and Graph plot).


  • Finite Element Method simulation (Electromechanical, Acoustic, Thermal, and Electromagnetical, RF, mechanical. with COMSOL and ANSYS).
  • Cirucit simulation using LTspice (analog circuits) and Model Sim (RTL simulation).
  • Numerical calculation using C, Python and MATLAB (mechanical vibration, sensor network simulation, optical ray tracing).

Computer assisted design

  • AutoCAD and layout editor for photo mask design, Solidworks for mechanical design, KiCAD and EAGLE for PCB design.

General Coding skill

  • C, C++, C#, Verilog for FPGA, Assembly language, LabVIEW, Python, MATLAB, and R.

Nano / Microfabrication

15+ years hands-on experience

Front-end and Back-end

MEMS-CMOS integration and WLP

Microfabrication process

  • Front-end: Wafer cleaning (RCA, pre bonding and post CMP), Coating (spin, spray, dip and laminate), photolithography (SUSS/EVG contact aligner and JEOL electron beam), dry etching (RIE, XeF2), wet etching(TMAH, KOH and metals), PVD (Al, Ti, Cr, Ni, Cu, Ge, Pt, Au), CVD (TEOS-SiO2, SiN) and thermal process (oxidation, drivein, polymer cure).
  • Back-end: Through Silicon Via forming (TSV first and last), wafer bonding (Adhesive, Au-Au and Anodic), wafer thinning(CMP, back grinding, stress relief), electroplating (Cu, Au and Ni), Dicing(Si, LSI, bonded wafer and Ceramic) and wire bonding.


  • Evaluation of failures (residue, adhesion, stress) and optimization of process conditions (process gas, masking material, surface cleanness) of micro fabrication.
  • Microscopes (optical, infrared for bonding, SEM, AFM, FIB, X-ray CT), EDX, FT-IR, shear force and bonding streng tester.
  • Laboratory instrument (oscilloscope, impedance analyzer, vector network analyzer, lock-in amplifier, signal generator, semiconductor analyzer, LSI tester, and wafer prober)

And Unique skills!

  • Practical experience in process integration and optimization for wafer stacked devices (10 masks and 62 process steps)
  • Practical knowledge of vacuum and plasma system (pressure gauges, leak detection, RF circuit for plasma, etc), Gas and pneumatic system (Swegelock, VCR, NPT, Needle valve, filter and mass flow controller).





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